Dr Peter Paul Catterall, Reader in History, Sociology and Criminology in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities discusses the recent Labour and Conservative Party Conferences on Share Radio  

Dr Peter Paul Catterall discussed the differences in the two recent major party conferences and Labour's shadow cabinet reshuffle. Describing the atmosphere of the Labour Party Conference, Dr Catterall said "they are like a tribe who talks to themselves". Further commenting that they face the decision to become either a political movement, or a parliamentary party that seeks power, that power, he described "is the testosterone that was really flowing through the conference rooms in Birmingham when the tories were meeting there this week". 

With presenter Simon Rose, Dr Catterall went on to discuss the need for a strong opposition party within our political system to strenghten and challenge policymaking before analysing the content of the new Prime Minister's conference speech, as she tried to appeal to broader audiences. 

Dr Catterall is a regular commentator on Share Radio and frequently comments on current political affairs in the media. Read his latest blog on The Huffington Post. 

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