Dr Rachel Aldred, Reader in Transport, was interviewed on Share Radio to talk about the loss of cycling as a mass culture in the UK.

Portrait of Rachel Aldred
Dr Rachel Aldred

Speaking about the history of cycling in the UK, Dr Aldred said: “In this country, one thing that’s really interesting is that in 1952, a quarter of trips were by bike. We did have a massive cycling culture like other countries but within 20 years, we had effectively abolished it. With the right of the car, walking and cycling declined precipitously and we’d lost that cycling culture.

“It’s so important to get it back, cycling has become seen as something that maybe you do if you have no choice, you don’t have any other modes of transport, maybe for children or people on a low income, or it’s seen as something that’s a lifestyle choice often for those who maybe have disposable income to spare and go out on a Sunday.”

Dr Aldred concluded: “Those kinds of cyclists will exist, they would exist in different places, but what we’ve lost is that mass cycling culture where it’s something for everyone.”

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