The Centre for the Study of Democracy and the Department of Politics and International Relations are organising a full programme of seminars with visiting speakers this semester.

Events take place on Tuesdays 4-5.30pm at the Westminster Forum, Level 5, 32-38 Wells Street, University of Westminster, W1T 3UW.

All are welcome to attend the seminars, no need to register.

3 October 2017
Clare Woodford and Mark Devenney (University of Brighton). Democracy Beyond the Pale: property and paradox.

17 October 2017
Catherine Eschle (University of Strathclyde). The end of ‘Occupy’.

7 November 2017
Ian Klinke (University of Oxford). Nature, society and the politics of vitalism.

21 November 2017
Or Rosenboim (City University). The Emergence of Globalism: Competing Visions of World Order.

5 December 2017
Vassilis Paipais (St Andrews University). ‘Already, But Not Yet’: St Paul’s Eschatology and the Modern Critique of Historicism.

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