Centre member Dr Stephanie Roberts helped organise the very successful Law Commission symposium on Firearms Law hosted by Westminster Law School this month.

Steve Greenfield embarked on a conference presentation marathon at the beginning of the month. First of all, Steve gave a presentation at the third MMU International Coaching Conference where he delivered a paper entitled ‘Dividing players by age, weight, height and strength in junior rugby: What amounts to reasonable practice for coaches and how might this change?’ He also gave a paper ‘Restricting physical contact sport: the boundaries of sports injury litigation’ at the Royal Society of Medicine event Tackling School Sports Injury. As if that wasn’t enough, he was also scheduled to give a paper at the World in Union conference in Brighton, with Guy Osborn also due to deliver a (separate) paper at this event. Unfortunately due to scheduling problems on the part of the organisers, the panel was replaced by a roundtable discussion of pertinent contemporary issues. 
Danny Nicol submitted a funding bid to AHRC on Doctor Who, Britain and Britishness, hopefully we will hear news of success in the next few months.

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