The University of Westminster will host the 14th Annual Schools Science Conference in collaboration with Science4U on Wednesday 26 April. 

This year’s theme is “Science for Transformation” and aims to introduce the different career paths available in science to the 312 secondary school and further education college students (years 9-11) from the 18 participating schools.

The conference, presented by over 100 volunteer professional scientists and healthcare professionals aims to encourage young people to study science and educate them on the career possibilities that can come from a science degree.  

The 2017 theme, “Science for Transformation”, reflects the growing development of new treatments and therapies that are making national headlines (e.g. genetically modified immune cells to treat cancers) that are transforming our approach to patient treatment. 

Over the course of the day there will be prizes for the best school or Science Club projects;

an interactive workshop by The Royal College of Pathologists, “Transforming Pathology” where attendees will learn about the current innovations transforming pathology and how pathologists are involved in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease; A Teachers’ Developmental workshop will be provided by the British Association of Science; and a keynote speech from Professor Clare Elwell, Professor of Medical Physics at University College London.

Professor Elwell who will talk about “Shedding Light on the Human Brain” showing how cutting-edge innovations in physics and engineering are transforming how, when and where we can image the human brain.

The conference is open to students of all abilities and endeavours, with the only prerequisite being that they have completed a science project. Over 50 organisations will be present, including the University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, London Ambulance Service, Public Health England, Great Ormond Street Hospital, and NHS Blood and Transplant.

Academics from the University of Westminster will be onsite to engage with students about their research projects in protein structural biochemistry, pathology, psychology, biomaterials, environmental forensics, bioinformatics and the science behind everyday living and behaviour among other science-related areas.

Professor Annie Bligh, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, said: "We are delighted to be hosting the 14th Annual Science4U Schools Day and to be collaborating with Science4U in promoting the many exciting opportunities for young people to become career scientists.  We are very excited about the theme of this year’s conference: Science for Transformation.

“The world has transformed radically since 1838, when the University of Westminster first started showcasing the technologies and educating scientists, for careers that can improve the world we live in.”

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