Dr Sophie Triantaphillidou, Reader in the School of Computer Science & Engineering, has recently gained a substantial research contract with Huawei, China, the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world.

The research to be undertaken will be on Image Quality Evaluation of Mobile Phone Cameras.

Talking about this collaborative project, Dr Triantaphillidou said: “There are very few academic labs in the world that have the experience and expertise we, in the Computational Vision and Imaging Technology (CVIT) research group, have in evaluating imaging system performance and visual image quality of commercial imaging devices. 

“We are presently developing and implementing relevant procedures to the mobile phone industry, which is a very fast and dynamic technological industry. We feel that the contract we just gained is the start of a long-term collaboration with Huawei. It is notable that Huawei camera phones are currently considered as having the best image quality in the market.”

The University of Westminster’s team will include Principal Investigator and Chief Researcher Dr Triantaphillidou, Dr Aleka Psarrou, Interim Head of School of Computer Science and Engineering, Ed Fry, current PhD student employed as consultant in different project areas as well as a full-time Research Associate in Imaging Science.

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Cover picture: Left to right: Ed Fry, Dr Aleka Psarrou and Dr Sophie Triantaphillidou

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