Eva Magnisali, Research Associate from the School of Architecture and Cities, developed a Data-driven Robotic Carving project as part of the Architectural Robotics Theatre (A.R.T) research agenda.

The project was presented as part of the Advances in Architectural Geometry Conference (AAG) in Gothenburg during 22 – 25 September, in a workshop led by Eva alongside Edoardo Tibuzzi, Associate Director of AKT II.

AAG is a conference where both theoretical and practical work that is related to new geometrical developments is presented. The event brings together architects, engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians and people of several other related professions, connecting researchers with the practical industry.

Data-driven Robotic Carving (DRC) is a novel fabrication technique developed by Eva, where intangible data gets translated into robotic motion parameters that drive the kinematic solver of a 6-axis industrial robotic arm, resulting in the physical extraction of material and the generation of complex geometrical formations. DRC follows a bottom-up approach, where the geometrical result is the direct outcome of the fabrication process and the robot’s possibilities and constraints.

The workshop at AAG2018 comprised of two parts: the first one focused on structural analysis and topology optimization of shell structures. The second part was aimed at the generation of complex architectural geometry through the interpretation and translation of the structural data into robotic motion.

The workshop was followed by a lecture delivered by Eva and Edoardo at Chalmers University of Technology on Wednesday 26 September.

Previous research on Data-driven Robotic Carving was developed in the Robotics Lab at the University of Westminster in December 2017, in a research project investigating new fabrication techniques derived from the use of industrial robotic arms, culminating in a robotically fabricated installation called The Cloud.

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