Dr Richard Barbrook, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Politics and International Relations, was interviewed by RT International and he gave his viewpoint on surveillance, following news that the NSA has been recording and gathering private phone calls to identify people by their unique “voiceprint”.

Tracing the concept of surveillance back in history, Dr Richard Barbrook said: “In 1984 George Orwell has this idea that a large number of the population had telescreens where the television spies on you as well as gives you propaganda. And this is the source of the logical extension of this.”

Dr Barbrook explained that it is obvious that mobile phones and laptops we all carry around are collecting data on us. However, he found it interesting that people became paranoid about voice surveillance and any form of surveillance 20-30 years ago, but now just accept it.

Asked about the privacy implications of the extensive collection of voice recording by NSA, Dr Barbrook pointed out that “it is blanket surveillance, not tracking people.”

Read the whole article on Russia Today’s website.

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