A picture taken by an alumnus of the University of Westminster’s Department of Photography has been selected for the Press Photographers Year 2011-13 exhibition, and will be displayed in the Lyttelton Foyer in the National Theatre on London’s South Bank from 6 July to 31 August.

Rick’s image was selected amongst some tough competition and will be displayed as one of a total of 150 images on show.

The image was taken during Rick’s second trip to Syria during which he recalls: ‘We piled into a car and drove through the demolished and deserted streets of the city. As we turned the corner we were confronted with the Northern Star Battalion of the Free Syrian Army, launching home-made grenades over this wall using a make-shift catapult. On the other side of this wall were Assad's Regime Army and the FSA were trying to reclaim the building and make an offensive attack. However, they soon ran out of explosives - and had to resort to launching blocks of concrete, shards of metal and anything else they could find. It was an amazing sight, seeing this group of rebels, in days of modern warfare, resort to tactics and catapults that were being used in the Roman times’.

Rick graduated from the prestigious Faculty of Media, Arts and Design of the University of Westminster with a Photojournalism MA and has gone on to complete some rather exciting projects. To find more on Rick Findler’s work you can view his website.

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