China and India are emerging as key global players but the disputed Himalayan border remains an obstacle to closer co-operation between the two regional powers. Now a two-day conference in London next week will bring together many of the world’s leading experts to discuss and debate various facets of the 50-year Sino-Indian border dispute.

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Revisiting the China-India Border Dispute will take place at the University of Westminster on 2-3 June. Keynote speakers will be Neville Maxwell, of the Australian National University, and John Garver, of the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. Speakers from China and India include Xuecheng Liu of the China Institute of International Studies and Alka Acharya, of the Jawaharial Nehru University, India.

dibyesh_anandConference organiser Dr Dibyesh Anand (pictured right), who is an associate professor in international relations at Westminster’s Department of Politics and International Relations, said the event would identify and assess the various perceptions of the Sino-Indian border dispute. “This is the key issue that prevents the two countries from establishing a stable relationship,” he said.

“Although both countries profess a desire to work closely to resolve disagreements and have rapidly expanding economic relations, their bilateral relationship is, by most accounts, fragile.”

The conference takes place at the University’s building at  309 Regent Street, London W1B 2HW on 2 June from 2-7.30pm and on 3 June from 9.30am-6pm. Entry is free but attendees are asked to register at: [email protected]

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