Regina Keith, Senior Lecturer and Course Leader of the Global Public Health Nutrition MSc, created a video for the i Paper about the false 5G conspiracies around COVID-19.

Credit: The i Paper

Claims wrongly linking the roll-out of 5G technology to the coronavirus pandemic have been circulating online, leading to conspiracy theorists attacking phone masts. 

Keith said: “The news and evidence is changing all the time, but it is a virus. It is not spread by phone masts and it is not spread by phones’ 5G network. It is spreading in lots of countries that don’t have 5G. 

“We’ve seen some people that are having actions or demonstrations or burning down masts in groups. This is not only harmful because it’s not keeping to social distancing rules, but it could also create problems around essential networks, social media or wireless networks that are essential for essential services. So, let’s be very careful, let’s try to be very evidence-based when we are sharing new information.”

Watch the video on the i Paper website. 

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