Denisa Morariu, an international Masters student, who started a new job in Romania at the beginning of the year reflects on her time on the University of Westminster's Masters in Journalism program.

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I still talk very often with my lecturers. To some, even weekly.

In a way, I still imagine and hope the masters programme isn’t finished. I remember the newsrooms, the hours spent in the library and the flowers I would forget to water because of the profound way in which i dived into the books, the knowledge, the information.

An experience I will never forget - that’s how I would sum up the months I spent at the University of Westminster. More than a simple masters programme, the course was the perfect embodiment of a newsroom, an unrivaled experience which changed my lifestyle, my way of thinking and expanded to unimaginable limits the horizon of my knowledge.

But most important of all, probably, it made me dream big; dream of journalism of great quality; dream of pushing my limits to the largest extent. It convinced me that the road to perfection is the most beautiful continuous struggle that we should all follow. That by giving as much as I had, I would constantly make one step forward to those ultimate goals any journalist should have: accuracy, impartiality, great quality.

The course was focused on creating the new generation of multimedia journalists; the ones that know it all and are able to work on all platforms. From editing, to writing, to filming or understand the rules of web design, the masters promotes the ideal of future journalism - the one-man crew. 

It was a tough experience. But I made it tough. Because this is the time one will always remember; months that one must take advantage of and learn as much as possible.

I miss the nights I spent with my colleagues designing websites, writing scripts or editing  videos; the alert rhythm that I got used to in no time and that now characterizes my professional life.

These were, without any doubt, the most enriching months I’ve ever lived. And it was all worth it, for I understood exactly what my passion is and that I must always fight for my dreams.

This is what brought me here, back home, in Romania, where the best TV features and documentary maker made me a fantastic offer to work for her in the first 10 minutes after we met.

I got to know exactly what I want and where I want to get. Now, I have started the road that leads me there. The programme and the lecturers didn’t only give me the information I needed, but also made me a fighter.

So open the mind, open the ears, open the eyes. Catch all those mountains of information coming towards you. It will change it all. It will make you better, more professional, more ambitious, more daring.

It will feed your curiosity and make you thrive for more. No matter how hard it gets, it will make you rich in knowledge and will make you reach the peak of success.

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