Radio Production graduate Jamie Wareham has been named Employee of the Month at Gay Star News for his work on the investigative Chemsex series. 

Gay Star News is a global news, entertainment and features site that champions and empowers LGBTI people around the world. 

Last month, Jamie Wareham, now Young Voices Editor at Gay Star News, contributed to the investigative ‘Chemsex series’, looking at the way gay or bisexual men use drugs to facilitate sex.

Jamie and his team led a global survey to look at the practice, the risks of the new drugs being used on the scene and revealed a huge rise in sexual assault which is becoming a large part of the 'party and play' scene.

The series included a dedicated website with news articles, interviews, support features and videos about the topic.

While being a student at the University, Jamie worked for eight months at the University of Westminster’s Students’ Union as a Web and Social Media Officer. He was also Press Officer for the National Student Pride which was founded by a Westminster architecture graduate, Tom Guy, which has also been hosted at the University of Westminster for the last four years.

Jamie also won the Volunteer of the Year award for his time and contribution to the National Student Pride and to the LGBT Society at the University.

Speaking about his time at the University, he said: “I can thank the University of Westminster for every job I've had in my career so far. It's because of the contacts I made while at the University and their connections to National Student Pride that I have my job today. That's what I always say to people about the value of the media courses at Westminster, beyond teaching you some vital skills - the connections they have, opened so many doors. I got my job at AudioBoom off the back of my tutor sending my dissertation to their COO too. 

“Now my job as Young Voices editor allows me to tell stories that empower young LGBTI people around the world - something that gives me energy to come into work every day”, he added.

The University of Westminster constantly endeavours to respect and value diversity within its communities of staff, students and alumni, to promote equality of opportunity, and to challenge and strive to eliminate unlawful discrimination.

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