Professor Adam Lazowski, who teaches EU Law at the University of Westminster, has been quoted in Radio France International (RFI) online newspaper about the upcoming Brexit negotiations.

The article, published by RFI, first mentioned the European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier’s recent speech, delivered at the European Commission press room in Brussels, outlining a two-phased approach to the Brexit negotiations. This approach would, first, cover financial settlement, citizens’ rights, UK’s border with the EU in Ireland, and then deal with the future trade relations.

The article particularly emphasised Barnier’s concern about the material impact of Brexit on societies and the necessity to find legal precisions in order to facilitate the negotiations.

The article added: “Barnier followed his remarks on the principles of the talks with a second conference on technical issues and methods, in a move that lets the EU get ahead of the UK government, which simultaneously looks to the 8 June general election.”

Professor Adam Lazowski’s comment on this move was quoted in the RFI article: “Strategically, it is a very smart and good move by the European Union, because it will force the British government, probably even before the elections, to make it absolutely clear what its position is.”

Continuing, Lazowski added: “What we’ve heard so far from the government here, are vague concepts and ideas but not detailed negotiating positions. I am not convinced that the government in the United Kingdom is fully aware how technical the negotiations will be.”

Read the full article on the RFI website.

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