Zoe Pounder, PhD student in Psychology, was featured in the British Psychological Society’s Research Digest podcast ‘PsychCrunch’ and cited in The Guardian on her research on mental imagery and aphantasia. 


Zoe Pounder was invited to speak about her current research which explores mental imagery and the phenomenon of ‘aphantasia’, a condition that makes people unable to picture images in their mind’s eye.

In her interview with ‘PsychCrunch’, Zoe explained: “Mental imagery exists across all of our sensory domains: touch, smell, sounds, taste and sight. Sometimes, you might hear people referring to things such as ‘to see with a mind’s eye’ or ‘hearing with a mind’s ear’ but it is actually the visual modality which is the most studied domain when it comes to studying and investigating mental imagery.  

“And when we talk about visual imagery specifically, we talk about the ability to form images of shapes, objects, scenes and scenarios in our mind without them physically being in front of us.” 

Speaking about her current exploratory study on aphantasia, Zoe said: “There is not a lot of research on this out there, at present. We are hoping to lay the foundation for other researchers to investigate this fascinating area. Our current study comprises a wide range of tasks from visual imagery tasks, aspects of working memory to elements of metacognition.”

Zoe’s research was recently cited in a news article published by The Guardian

Listen to the podcast here.

Read the news article on The Guardian. 

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