You will have seen the reports in the media regarding the ransomware attacks on the NHS and other companies.

At the University we strive to keep our systems up to date with security patches.

We are monitoring our systems and are asking staff and students to be vigilant for emails containing links. Please be cautious and only click on links where you are sure of their validity. 

The main devices affected are Windows, Windows XP is particularly vulnerable. The University does not use Windows XP. Microsoft released a patch in March relating to the vulnerability and this has been applied as part of our patching process.

We do not manage student or staff or personal devices. We would advise anyone running a windows device to ensure that all security patches and antivirus are up to date. Check for operating system updates and antivirus software updates

Macs and Unix devices are unaffected.

If you are unsure or require further guidance, please contact the Service Desk on extension 5488.

Press and media enquiries

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