Through a range of activities like knitting, cooking, baking and launching social media campaigns, Project Management MSc students raised both awareness and £2,500 for Mind, charity that focuses on people with mental health problems.

As part of the Project Management in Practice module, Project Management MSc students get to plan and execute a fundraising event for a charity. This lets them put their leadership and team working skills to work, while raising money for a good cause. 

This years’ Project Management MSc students selected to work with mental health charity Mind. They worked in smaller groups to raise funds and awareness in different ways, including: 

  • knitting personalised phone covers, socks and cup holders
  • running a five-a-side football tournament
  • cooking, baking and selling foods and sweets
  • launching the social media campaign Dark2Light.MIND

Many thanks to all the contributors, including fellow students and staff members. 

Find out more about the fundraising in Project Management MSc student Rouba Sayed’s guest blog post

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