Professor Steve Greenfield, Professor of Sports Law and Practice, has written an article on the reaction to the announcement of the European Super League in football and what can be learned from similar moments of change in cricket.

Cricket bat and ball

Professor Greenfield wrote: “It is perhaps surprisingly cricket that offers some pertinent examples of how serious divisions can be managed and the game protected and developed.”

In particular he highlights the impact of Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricket which was born out of a dispute about broadcasting rights in Australia and led to Packer creating his own competition.

Professor Greenfield added: “The authorities chose to stand and fight, banning players and seeking to exert whatever restrictions they could muster. In England the ban was humiliatingly overturned by the High Court leaving the cricket authorities in a state of disorganisation. WSC took place and offered innovations (or gimmicks depending on your viewpoint) such as coloured clothing and day/night matches. Inevitably in the face of financial pressures, opposing competitions were not sustainable, the ACB negotiated, and Packer got his broadcasting rights. The innovations were duly incorporated and the game prospered.”

He also talks about how the Indian Premier League was born out of conflict and whether new developments like T10 and The Hundred might also have a similar impact.

Read the full article on Cricket World’s website.

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