Professor Peter White, Emeritus Professor in the School of Architecture + Cities, wrote an article for Local Transport Today about the long-term prospects for public transport after COVID.

Tube leaving the platform at Holborn underground station

In the article, Professor Peter White discusses the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on public transport and what its future might look like. He wrote: “The severe impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on public transport raise major questions about long-term outcomes. Since the rapid spread began in March 2020, and consequent phases of restriction of personal activities, sharp variations can be seen. 

“From a reduction to around ten per cent of normal demand levels, these recovered by early autumn to about 55 per cent for local bus services and 35 per cent for rail. Services were cut, but not as sharply, and local buses had recovered to almost full service levels by late summer. However, this was only possible through very high levels of government support.”

Read the full article on TransportXtra’s website.

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