Professor Lewis Dartnell, Professor in Science Communication, was featured in an article on Express Online about the possibility of alien life.

Lewis Dartnell
Professor Lewis Dartnell

NASA recently revealed that the Mars Curiosity rover detected quantities of methane, which may be a sign of life on Mars. While some believed it was evidence of alien life, it was later discovered to be “methane transient plumes”. This did not deter a growing scientific consensus that intelligent alien life could still exist somewhere else in the Universe. ProfessorLewis Dartnell agrees. He said: “Intelligent life could well be out there. 

“If you look at evolution of biology on earth, we can identify some features which we think are for convergence in evolution. Convergent evolution is when the same solution is fixed upon by organisms in very different lineages. For example, a camera-like design of your eye is a very effective way of seeing the world around you and vertebrates have a camera lens type eye which is virtually identical to the one which is evolved by the Octopus.”

Read the full article on the Express Online website. 

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