Professor Lewis Dartnell, Professor in Science Communication, appeared on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire’s series ‘Naked Scientists’ to talk about new missions to the moon and what’s up there for humanity. 

Lewis Dartnell

About the possibility of humanity living on the moon, Professor Dartnell said: “If we’re trying to send humans to survive on the moon in lunar colonies or lunar habitats, we’re going to have to find things on the moon that we need to help us survive there. So, things like water ice near the poles would be very useful, not just drinking water for astronauts in a moon base but also splitting that water, that H20, to give off oxygen, which you can use for breathing. 

“But we also think there are things which have inherent value on the moon that we could export from the moon back to the earth and these sorts of resources would be metals, which are either rare or hard to mine effectively on the earth.”

Listen to the full show on the BBC website.

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