Professor John Owens, Professor of United States Government and Politics in the Centre for the Study of Democracy, was quoted in an article by Newsweek about Trumpism and the 2024 elections.

Close up image of John Owens

In the interview, Professor Owens said: “What was formerly the Republican Party has been the Trump Party for a few years now. Ergo, if he decides to run again in 2024 it’s likely that he or some substitute would be re-nominated. He will have the electoral visibility, the money, and the loyalty of his party and there is little evidence that his party will move on from the 2020, when Trump actually ran behind many down-ballot Republicans.”

He highlighted that Trump’s vote tally showed Trumpism’s potential to carry on regardless of this year’s election results, and said: “If Trump himself does not run in 2024, he could run a substitute, which I think is more likely to be Ivanka rather than Don Jr., especially if either refashioned themselves as regular Republicans.

“Even so, without Trump’s strongman image, visibility, and voter loyalty, I think either one of them would have a very hard task against either incumbent Biden or VP Harris, especially absent COVID and the economy takes off.”

Read the full article on the Newsweek website.

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