Professor John Golding, Professor on the Psychology BSc Honours course, has been quoted in an article published by The Telegraph about the potential of virtual reality offices and sickness.

John Golding

According to Facebook’s latest plans, the future of work could involve creating an avatar of yourself and attending an office existing almost entirely in virtual reality. However, questions have arisen around the use of virtual and augmented reality and motion sickness affecting many users.

Professor Golding said that this “cyber sickness” is because of the “sensory conflict” between what users see and what movement their body feels. Too much lag or flickering can make people feel nauseous. 

He continued: “Good modern systems can be sufficiently powerful to get around that, but not always.”

Professor Golding is the author of the Motion Sickness Susceptibility Questionnaire Short Form and his current research projects are in the field of motion sickness, spatial disorientation and health psychology. 

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