Professor Johan Woltjer, Professor of Urban Infrastructures, was quoted in an article by BBC Future about how cities can be better built for a pandemic.


In the article, Professor Woltjer said that if pandemics are to be a regular part of our lives, the cities we live in will need to become more adaptable. He said: “During a crisis like we’re in at the moment, it would mean creating temporary housing and [having] health centres be built more flexibly and have space available in cities for those.”

He added: “To be able to change rapidly, [from the delivery of] essential supplies, shopping and goods to evacuation routes. There are ready-made houses and smaller buildings that can be put together like a package.”

He also commented on how localisation can help in the fight against contagion and suggested that cities need to make more provisions for cycling. He said cities should: “Offer more paths and small roads so there are alternative ways to get around: so we’re not all collectively on the same road or in the same public transport.”

Read the full article on the BBC Future website.

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