Professor Jimmy Bell and Dr Louise Thomas from the Faculty of Science and Technology and Perspectum Diagnostics Ltd have been awarded a grant from Innovate UK to fund a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP). The total value of the project is £207,496 (£140,000 of which is a grant from Innovate UK) and is funded to last for 36 months.

The project will seek to develop new algorithms to create the vital bioinformatics and statistical platform for a novel MRI-based method to determine fat, iron, inflammation or fibrosis in the liver. The academic team will apply their knowledge and expertise in the analysis of large data sets from population studies, with the aim that this methodology can be rolled out nationally and internationally and can replace liver-biopsy as the "gold-standard" in the assessment of liver biology.

This project will open up a crucial area of research which until recently was inaccessible to all researchers, mainly the ability to monitor liver biology without the need for liver-biopsy in the general population. This has been a major obstacle to several research projects currently in the pipeline.

A post-doctorate level graduate, known as KTP Associate, will be recruited to work on the project, under the supervision of Dr Louise Thomas (Knowledge Base Supervisor) and Prof Jimmy Bell (Academic Lead).

If you would like to find out more about KTP or discuss a KTP project idea, contact Mariana Peixoto, KE & KTP Development Adviser at [email protected].

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