Professor David Peters, Director of the Westminster Centre for Resilience, took part in major collaborative research revealing that the burnout in doctors has devastating consequences on the quality of care they deliver to patients.

The study, funded by NIHR School for Primary Care Research and NIHR Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre, was published on Tuesday 4 September in the Journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

Professor David Peters, alongside with experts from the Universities of Manchester, Keele, Leeds and Birmingham, looked at 47 papers which analysed the responses of 43,000 doctors.

The research found that doctors with burnout are twice as likely to make mistakes, such as diagnosing incorrect conditions or prescribing wrong medications.

Findings also showed that burnout can double the likelihood of lower professional standards and could have an impact on dropping patient satisfaction. This has been found to be three times more likely to be lower when doctors are physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted – core signs by which experts identify burnout.

Burnout increases the likelihood of lower professional standards by 3.5 times, particularly for junior doctors.

Find the full study on the Journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

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