Professor Catherine Loveday, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, took part in a video for BBC News about the effect of lockdown on people’s memory.


In the video, Professor Catherine Loveday spoke about recent research. She said: “We’re in the really early stages of doing some research on this and we’re definitely finding that people are reporting memory lapses. There has been some research to show that people’s memory does dip a little bit but that it seems to improve again when people get out and about and when they’re socialising.”

She added: “The combination of having less novelty and maybe less physical exercise but also having a little bit more stress means that some people are feeling more forgetful and less able to concentrate and focus.”

Talking about socialising, Professor Loveday said: “We have learnt to socialise in a different way to some extent and we’ve done less of it and I can understand people feeling nervous about it. I think I’m quite nervous of it as well. But the skills that we’ve developed over a lifetime are not going to disappear in a few months.”

Watch the full video on the BBC News website.

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