Professor Brendon Noble, Professor of Regenerative Medicine, talked about stem cell treatments for the Daily Mail and the Scottish Daily Mail.


Professor Noble said: “We are standing at the start of a medical revolution that will change the way medicine is practised in a similar way to organ transplantation or antibiotics in the past.”

However, he pointed out the dangers that stem cell tourism poses. “I know of one case in the U.S. where a patient lost their sight after a rogue clinic used stem cells to treat [the eye condition] age-related macular degeneration, and another case where a man treated with stem cells for spinal cord paralysis developed a tumour. There is still so much that is unknown about stem cells. That’s why it is so important that you stick to scientifically proven treatments or join a clinical trial.”

Regardless, he concluded that we should celebrate how game-changing stem cell treatments really are.

Read the full article on MailOnline.

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