Professor Barbara Allan, Dean of the Business School held an inaugural lecture on Wednesday 13th of February at Regent Campus.

“NowHere or NoWhere” lecture focused on time, e-learning and e-mentoring. Barbara started by linking her research interests with her previous educational experiences as well as her interest in using e-learning and e-mentoring to support women into leadership positions.

As a result of managing a number of projects, she observed that time was often an issue for e-learners. Her research led her to  explore organisational temporal landscapes as well as individual's experiences of and relationships with time. Her findings indicate that indeed time is an issue in these virtual learning situations and that spending time reflecting on temporal issues and expectations is helpful.

Finally, Barbara talked about the impact of social media and the experiences of the so-called 'millennium' generation on learning opportunities in virtual space. You can now watch the lecture on our Youtube channel

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