Professor Adam Lazowski, teaching at Westminster Law School, attended two international conferences where he delivered presentations discussing trading options between the UK and the EU after Brexit as well as the rule of law challenges in Central and Eastern Europe.

The first conference took place in the Bavarian city of Augsburg on 26 June where Professor Lazowski used his academic expertise discussing a possible post-Brexit UK-EU free trade area. This paper was delivered at an international conference titled ‘New Challenges and Options for the Union’s Treaty Making Powers: Common Commercial Policy, Eastern Partnership, Leave-the-Union and Mixity’. Leading academics and experts in EU External Relations Law presented their papers, which will lead to an edited volume scheduled for release in 2018.

On 29 June, Professor Lazowski also attended the international conference ‘In the Maelstrom of Crises – European Solidarity under Pressure’ organised by the Institute for European and International Law and taking place in Vienna. Professor Lazowski gave a presentation on the rule of law challenges in Central and Eastern Europe as part of a session discussing the ‘Challenges to the legitimacy of European integration’.

Speaking about these conferences, he said: “Both papers focused on two major challenges currently faced by the European Union. Firstly, Brexit is going to shape the public discourse and policy-making in the coming years. Although it will be far more demanding, and potentially damaging, for the United Kingdom, it will also affect the EU. In my paper, I tried to present a skeleton of a future trade agreement between the EU and the UK. Secondly, the most recent anti-democratic reforms in Hungary and Poland prove that democracy should not be taken for granted. Unfortunately, the European Union is rather ill equipped to deal with the Member States which undermine its values spelled out in Article 2 of Treaty on European Union."

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