Vincenzo Sassu, who graduated from the Documentary Photography and Photojournalism MA, is one of ten winners of the renowned Graduate Photographers Award 2016.

Vincenzo’s images depict some of the most stigmatised areas of France. Despite being born in France, the subjects in the photographs are regarded as immigrants because of their ethnic origin. The photos show, however, that the subjects are managing to fulfil their dreams nonetheless.

By winning the award, Vincenzo was given the opportunity to showcase a slideshow of his photographs at Somerset House in London. He also gave a short talk discussing his photographic method.

Speaking to Dazed and Confused about the meaning of his images, Vincenzo said: “I’m telling a story about normal people with normal lives trying to fulfil their dreams so they don't turn out invisible.”

“There are people who dream as anybody in the world and they will achieve what they want in their life. Beyond colour. This is a project about hopes and the future,” he added.

The Graduate Photographers Award 2016, in association with Magnum Photos and Photo London, was created to reward the best graduates from photography courses from the last three years. Vincenzo was selected by a group of judges from around the world, including experts from New York and Switzerland.

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[image credit: Vincenzo Sassu]


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