We will be changing our academic structure. At the moment, our academic activity is organised through five faculties with 25 departments across the university. Each course is organised and delivered from one of these departments.

From September 2018, we will be changing to organise academic activity into three Colleges with four Schools in each.

All existing courses have been mapped to these Schools.

Why are we changing

We have developed a new strategy to take the university forward. Part of that is to refocus and strengthen our commitment to delivering high quality transformative learning and provide our students with an exceptional experience.

The academic structure has been developed to support this and will also allow for greater flexibility and more inter-disciplinary opportunities for students. Many other universities have been moving to similar structures.

What this means for existing students

Very little should change for existing students. They will still be taught in the same locations and by the same teams and degrees will continue to be awarded by the University of Westminster.

Our new strategy will also mean other changes and improvements for students. We will be looking for active student involvement and input into some of these - such as the development of a virtual student hub – making our many digital platforms better work for you; and looking at what a physical student hub might mean for future students.

Press and media enquiries

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