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Response rates on Friday 28 February

National Student Survey (NSS)

Social Sciences and Humanities 54%
Media, Arts and Design 52%
Architecture and Built Environment 49%
Westminster Business School 45%
Science and Technology 43%

The NSS is for final year undergraduate degree students. To access the NSS:

Student Experience Survey (SES)

Science and Technology 38%
Social Sciences and Humanities 34%
Media, Arts and Design 31%
Westminster Business School 31%
Architecture and Built Environment 30%

The SES is for first and second year undergraduates and taught postgraduates. To access the SES:

Both surveys are easy to access online via a PC, tablet or smartphone and take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

For more information please contact Ilona Szilvasi, Academic Information and Student Surveys Manager, at [email protected].

Press and media enquiries

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