Sally Anne Gross, Principal Lecturer in Music Business Management MA, was interviewed by NPR Music on how women can change the face of Engineering and Producing in the music industry.

In the article, Sally Anne Gross explained how powerful it can be for young women students to have a female teacher.

She also mentioned ‘Let’s change The Record’, a weekend-long women-only studio lock-in she organised in May 2016, aimed at “addressing the underrepresentation of women in the music industry with a focus on production.”

Sally Anne said: "Most women's experience of walking into studios is not to be in a female environment. The starting point of writing songs and recording them is such an important space, one that we can very much see the absence of women.

“The idea was to subvert that, to change the environment of the studio by making sure everyone teaching and everyone participating in the studio was female. If you want to be somewhere, you've got to occupy it."

Read the full article on NPR Music website.

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