Professor Jimmy Bell, from the Faculty of Science and Technology, was interviewed by Newsweek on the ‘skinny fat’ body type and the misconception that being slender means being healthy.

Calling it the ‘Dorian Gray syndrome’, Professor Bell said: “The distribution of fat and dense muscle mass are in fact more important than an individual’s total fat levels.”

He explained that visceral ectopic fat wrapped around vital organs contributes to developing diabetes, cancer and heart disease, and added that poor mental cognition could be linked to reduced skeletal muscle mass.  

Professor Bell added that frequent exercising and being aware of our diet are essential tools to manage a skinny fat body. He said: “Keeping our bodies on their toes is another trick for tackling not only the physical but the potential mental effects of a skinny fat body, such as dementia.”

Concluding, Professor Bell said: “People think that beauty is more important than health. It’s not until your 60s and 70s you realize beauty isn’t important. The most important thing is health.”

Read the whole article on Newsweek.


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