The newly-developed Body Volume Indicator and Measurement Technology was released following a ten-year collaboration between experts from Mayo Clinics, BVI America, and the University of Westminster. 

Body Volume Indicator (BVI) was revealed as a modern day measure of body composition and weight distribution and is the result of extensive research on fat distribution, the importance of fat assessment and the limitations of the current standard of Body Mass Index (BMI).

Researchers from the University of Westminster, Mayo Clinic and BVI America presented the potential benefits of using Body Volume as a new indicator of risk. The tool draws on ten years of rigorous research, testing and validation using several potential Body Volume indices.

Now BVI, calculated as the ratio between total volume and abdominal volume, can be used as a supplement to the current measurement standard of BMI, which is based solely on height and weight. BVI is considered to be a more precise means of estimating weight distribution and the fat around the organs, which is not visible to the human eye and can lead to serious health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Richard Barnes, CEO of Select Research said: “Thanks to the support from Mayo Clinic and our other global collaborators, BVI - delivered through the BVI Pro app – can now help effectively identify and manage health risks, based upon a person’s weight distribution, in a cost-effective way, providing something of real value for the professional community in the U.S., and eventually globally.”

The BVI Pro tablet application will let professionals in the medical, clinical and fitness fields estimate body volume, percentage of visceral fat and the distribution of body fat for patients and clients more efficiently than before.

Incorporating the research and validation from the cooperation with Mayo Clinic experts and other international scientific collaborators, including the University of Westminster, and utilizing patented 3D Body Volume imaging smart technology, BVI Pro can calculate body composition, weight distribution and associated health risks, while also taking into account an individual’s age, gender and level of self-reported physical activity. BVI Pro will also allow professionals to keep detailed records of patient measurements to monitor transformations and results over time.

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