Westminster Business School has launched a new cutting edge MBA programme, aimed at preparing future board directors to perform and succeed in today’s high-pressured business world.

The new course has been designed for professionals to experience first-hand the role of board directors by working as part of shadow advisory boards, within entrepreneurial, corporate, international and not-for-profit organisations. This will provide opportunities to tackle real life problems, join strategic conversations and develop business solutions for existing businesses.

As part of the programme, participants will adopt different roles on shadow boards of those organisations, including CEO, Marketing Director, Finance Director and HR and Organisational Development Director, supported by professional coaches and academics from the Business School. These experiences will equip them with the practical skills and knowledge to successfully perform the role of a professional board director through self-directed and practical learning.

A focal point of Westminster Business School’s MBA will be to develop participants’ professional goals and career ambitions, allowing them to embark on new exciting ventures and expand their career horizons. They will explore new avenues and industry sectors, and have the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone through the “space for risk” module where they will take on, for example, a social entrepreneurship project or a non-executive director’s role.

The course will transform the traditional classroom setting into a real-life professional experience through the School’s new MBA lab, a real high-tech boardroom where participants will interact with ambitious and energetic professionals from around the world, sharing and developing new ideas. Through workshops, client meetings, board meetings and networking, they will be thrown into everyday scenarios and develop the necessary skills to succeed in the highly competitive global business world.

Dr Kellie Vincent, MBA Director at Westminster Business School, says: “We are committed to supporting and developing highly employable graduates who are prepared to face challenges presented by the changing global business market. The board-focused approach will be pivotal in providing graduates with the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge and tools required to be a professional board member through extensive experience in different boardroom situations.

“The new Westminster Business School MBA programme has been designed to equip participants to understand the language of the board and develop the essential attributes of a leader, strategist, entrepreneur, innovator and much more, becoming the driving force and future professional director of global businesses.

“The course is aimed at preparing its participants to work with, for and on boards”.

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