Congratulations to Stanka Winch who has been awarded a University of Westminster Teaching Fellowship.

Stanka keeps up an established tradition by members of the school who been rewarded for their excellence in teaching.

The award was made on the basis of her teaching philosophy, devising and delivering inspiring and challenging learning opportunities using student-centred, active approaches.

Stanka has worked for a number of years on designing learning materials which match the individual needs, abilities, values, and interests of students.

On a number of modules she has delivered she has mixed traditional  approaches (lectures, seminars, tutorials), with innovative teaching, particularly making use of multimedia technologies.

These have included Blackboard, Camtasia and Wimba (now called Collaborate), as well as vehicles such as E-portfolios, Wikis, Blogs and Discussion Boards.

Her recent work has seen her produce tailored instructional videos using Quick Time Movies.

Her next challenge will be to work out how to use the £3,000 of the fellowship to develop and widen the reach of her practice.

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