Dr Richard Barbrook, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Politics and International Relations, was interviewed by the New Statesman about his strategy to anticipate the challenges a Corbyn government would face.

Talking about the challenges a Corbyn Labour administration would face, Dr Barbrook said: “I think by the time the Tories have finished with the economy we’re more likely to have money coming back in and the pound going up in value.”

Dr Barbrook, however, highlighted the importance of having a strong relationship with the left in other countries of the EU: “We’ve got to make links across the whole of the EU with the rest of the left, I don’t think you can have socialism in one country.”

When asked what he regards as the greatest danger confronting Labour, Dr Barbrook said: “That they just carry on administering neoliberalism. Labour will become the party of stability. We’re not the crazed ideologues, which is rather hilarious, we’re the ones who believe in pragmatism.”

Read the full article on the New Statesman website.

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