A new research centre housed at the University of Westminster’s School of Life Sciences has been opened to help the charity, Against Breast Cancer, in its fight against the disease.

The Against Breast Cancer laboratory is home to research scientists investigating the impact of biochemistry, immunology and diet and lifestyle on survival rates for women diagnosed with breast cancer.

The research currently being undertaken at the University is unique in the way that it examines the link between the tumour, the woman’s response to the tumour and the environment around her.

The biochemists based in the laboratory are currently undertaking the world’s largest diet and lifestyle study involving more than 50 hospitals and 3,500 women from across the UK who have all been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Head of Research Dr Miriam Dwek said: “Having the Against Breast Cancer unit at the University of Westminster is fantastic news. The arrival of the dynamic team of researchers funded by Against Breast Cancer is of great interest to School of Life Sciences researchers, staff and students alike.

“The research we are working on will have a potential impact on the lives of millions of women and men across the globe.”

Professor Jane Lewis, dean of the Life Sciences school, added: “My colleagues and I are all very excited to have the Against Breast Cancer team joining us.

"It is testament to the hard work of Dr Dwek and everyone in Life Sciences at Westminster that we will host this vital work and expert research centre.”

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