The International Eco-Cities Initiative at the University of Westminster has entered into a new knowledge partnership with Connect4Climate, an initiative launched jointly by the World Bank, the Italian Ministry of Environment, and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Corporation and Development, to promote solutions and to empower people to take action on climate change.

The partnership reflects a common interest in engendering knowledge to engage with wider communities, and in particular to inspire young people become involved in innovation and research-for-practice, and to explore how the city can create spaces for shared social, cultural and technological learning about more sustainable futures.

The Connect4Climate community connects more than 200 partners around the world including civil society groups, media networks, international organizations, academic institutions, youth groups, and the private sector. Interacting with a global audience of more than a million individuals through its social media channels, Connect4Climate runs a variety of initiatives, competitions, events and public outreach activities to aggregate climate change experiences, knowledge and solutions, and to advance the movement for climate action.

Connect4Climate’s thematic areas of activity of particular relevance to the International Eco-Cities Initiative’s research interests include:

Cities4Climate ("Acknowledging the wide impact of high density living, Cities4Climate helps facilitate best practice for resilient and low carbon urban development")

Knowledge4Climate ("Broadening the scope of and access to information and research so that it is both accessible to all and can form the base for more interactive debate").

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