Research claims a revival of the science industries has increased graduate employment.

The Higher Education Careers Services Unit (HESCU), in their annual report, has noted a distinct rise in graduate employment. A key factor of this being the recovery of industries considered popular among graduates in technology, science, engineering and mathematics subjects.

HESCU mentioned in their What Do Graduates Do? report that between January 2013 and 2014 graduate employment has risen from 73.6 per cent to 75.6 per cent. The number of graduates working as science professionals increased a huge 22.4 per cent year-on-year, with particular growth in roles like biochemists and medical scientists.

Charlie Ball, deputy director of research at HESCU, described the last 18 months as a “fascinating example of how quickly the market can change” and said prospective students should bear this in mind when looking at courses.

“The biggest turnaround has been the outcomes of graduates from STEM and construction-related subjects,” he said.

“It’s encouraging that STEM skills are so highly sought, but there is a complex story of demand and supply, so it’s vital that students seek careers advice early and take work experience to better inform their decisions and prepare for employment.”

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