We are pleased to welcome Megan Sharkey, our latest doctoral researcher, investigating community-led movements for achieving more resilient and sustainable cities.

Her research aims to link community-led movements to the larger urban infrastructure needs required to attain more resilient and sustainable cities.

This research focuses on community-led movements across three countries (Australia, USA, and UK). Through a large-scale macro study, it aims to identify barriers that may prevent these movements from creating permanent sustainable development infrastructure within local government and the potential impacts they could achieve without such barriers. It will also investigate interactions between government and industry groups. Megan is particularly interested in tactical urbanism, community energy, active travel and urban gardening movements.

Megan holds a first degree in Biochemistry and Masters degrees in Planning and Built Environment (Sustainable Development). She has 10 years’ experience working in sustainability across building resource management, strategic infrastructure and development planning, project management, research, and community engagement. She is the recipient of the Urban Studies Research Scholarship in support of this research.

This project is supervised by Professors Michael Neuman and Simon Joss.

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