A new book, Sustainable Cities in Asia, has been published, edited by Federico Caprotti and Li Yu, partners of the SMART-ECO project.

With the 21st century being lauded the ‘urban century’ by many, the book focuses on Asian cities at a time when they are growing at an unprecedented rate. It examines the challenges facing cities across the continent, including some of the projects, approaches and solutions that are currently being tested. Asia is one of the most active regions in terms of the development of sustainable city strategies, addressing contemporary issues such as property markets, migration and transport.

Writing in the preface, Simon Joss and Robert Cowley of the International Eco-Cities Initiative argue that by: “bringing the diverse discourses and variegated practice experiences in conversation with one another, an all-important discussion can be had about common as well as particular challenges and opportunities facing contemporary and future urbanism in Asia and beyond.”

This book examines these issues through numerous case studies, analysing topical issues ranging from city cycling in India, to green spaces in China, to the use of community-led energy generation projects in post-Fukushima Japan. Containing contributions from an international team of scholars, it also takes a multi-disciplinary approach and draws on examples from a range of countries that include China, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

Publisher: Routledge. ISBN (hardback): 978-1138182110. ISBN (paperback): 978-1138187481.

Image: solar panel plant in Shanghai. Copyright: ArtisticPhoto / courtesy of Shutterstock.com.

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