Christian Fuchs’ monograph “Culture and Economy in the Age of Social Media” has been published by Routledge. Christian is Professor of Social Media at the University of Westminster Faculty of Media, Arts and Design.

The book uses Raymond Williams’ approach of Cultural Materialism in order to critically analyse labour, politics, ideology, globalisation, the state, the public sphere, and social struggles in the age of social media.

Graham Murdock, Professor of Culture and Economy, said about the book: “Drawing on a comprehensive re-reading of Marx and critical theory, Christian Fuchs demonstrates how everyday activity on social media is integral to the system of global exploitation that is restructuring contemporary capitalism”.

Prof. Vincent Mosco, author of The Political Economy of Communication: “Drawing inspiration from Raymond Williams and Dallas Smythe, Christian Fuchs turns his critical eye and formidable talents to the deep connections between culture and economy in the age of social media. Rich in conceptual insights and supported with prodigious empirical detail covering labour and consumption in the West and in China, Culture and Economy in the Age of Social Media points the way to how we might retake public control of the digital world"

Prof. JimMcGuigan, author of Cool Capitalism and editor of Raymond Williams: A Short Counter-Revolution – Towards 2000 Revisisted: “Christian Fuchs’s excellent book demonstrates why social media must be analysed critically as both an economic and a cultural phenomenon, unlike the conservatism of idealist social science, which has much to say about communication yet is silent about the materiality of communications”.

Further information: 

Fuchs, Christian. 2015. Culture and Economy in the Age of Social Media. New York: Routledge. ISBN Paperback 978-1-13-883931-1. ISBN Hardcover 978-1-13-883929-8 

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