University of Westminster’s music business network, MusicTank, is launching an online music business resource centre, which will help more than 30,000 music graduates kick-start their careers.

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The Institutional Partnership Programme (IPP) will enable graduates to access current, up-to-date intelligence from the music industry, bridging the gap between business and academia and allowing students to stay ahead of the curve in a notoriously exclusive industry.   

The site offers free access to MusicTank’s incisive reports including the recently published and critically acclaimed Remake, Remodel: The Evolution Of The Record Label, in addition to podcasts of events including the accompanying ‘Remake, Remodel’ conference which took place on 14 July.  

Columbia MD Mike Smith, BPI Chief Executive Geoff Taylor, former Culture Secretary Andy Burham, Robbie Williams’ manager Tim Clark and Liberal Democrat peer Lord Clement-Jones make up some of the leading figures who have illuminated MusicTank’s thought-provoking  programme of industry discussion and analysis of the industry’s imponderables.

Reports by luminaries such as Terry McBride, CEO of Nettwerk Music Group (Dido, Stereophonics and Avril Lavigne) and Peter Jenner (Billy Bragg, Pink Floyd) will also feature on the IPP.  

Keith Harris, chairman of MusicTank, said: “IPP taps into a real need to equip the next influx of talent and current educators in our business with access to important information and developments affecting the sector.  

“The industry is very fast moving, and those students hoping to be the next Simon Cowell need to keep abreast of the latest changes in areas such as licensing and technology.

"Tomorrow’s artists, managers, producers and publishers need as much help as they can get in entering the business, and sustaining the excellent reputation and skills we have within the British music industry.”

Programme Director Jonathan Robinson, of  MusicTank, added:  “IPP brings the research from our University academics and senior music executives’ practical industry experience together in one resource for everyone in the business to benefit from.  

"IPP opens the doors to information and debate involving labels, publishers, industry trade bodies, managers, promoters, digital media and legal specialists and venue owners as well as allowing us to engage with key policy makers, including the Government, Ofcom and the European Commission.”

MusicTank is also known for its commercially neutral stance on some of the music business’ most volatile and current issues, with the pursuit of innovation, best practice and in-depth knowledge-sharing at its core. 

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