Our colleague Dr Lindsay Bremner, Director of Architectural Research in the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, has been awarded a 2015 European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant of up to €1.5m for her research proposal ‘Monsoon Assemblages’.

Dr Bremner’s ‘Monsoon Assemblages’ proposes to undertake a design-driven enquiry into the impacts of changing monsoon climates in three of South Asia’s rapidly growing cities – Chennai, Delhi and Dhaka. In these cities, extreme weather events, all attributed to the monsoon’s capricious nature, have led to the increasing frequency of water shortages, power failures, floods, disease outbreaks, damage to property and loss of life. The project will advance research of lived environments as indivisibly natural, social and political, and propose models for intervening in them through design.

Professor Simon Joss will be among the members of the Advisory Group for this five year project.

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