Dr Adele McCormick, Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Westminster, has been awarded a scholarship by the Association of Clinical Biochemistry to conduct research into determining the right treatment for some HIV patients.

The Scientific Development Scholarship, which is designed to help fund young scientists with their research, was awarded to Dr McCormick to support her study into the differences between HIV patients. This will then help determine which treatments patients will respond to.

Speaking about the scholarship, Dr Adele McCormick said: “I am delighted to have obtained this grant, and it is the first grant that I have written as an independent researcher.”
Explaining the research further, she said: “The presence of low frequency viral variants in patients infected with HIV-1, which confer reduced drug susceptibility or improve viral replication, ultimately can lead to treatment failure.

“This research study is translational, as it will link up genotypic and phenotypic data which will predict how a patient will respond to therapy, depending on HIV-1 variants that are detectable at low level by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and their impact on drug IC50 values. It will inform clinicians how best to tailor a particular drug regimen based on individual patient’s needs.”

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