Migrations and Identities Interdisciplinary Research Group

An exploratory research seminar in June 2008 launched this group. It addressed

Commonalities of research interests and possible co-operation with other Departments (e.g. Psychology) in research around issues of Home, Homelessness and Returning Home; and seminars/workshops on qualitative methodologies and research ethics.

Groupings around visual culture, e.g. research on representations of identity, identity construction and the experience of migration.

This initial meeting led to the national Conference ‘Metropolis in Flux: Contemporary Cultural Migrations in London’ in June 2009.

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Migrations and Identities Interdisciplinary Research Group (MIIR)

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 This one-day interdisciplinary conference explored how migrations and their representations have shaped London in the past decade, and current debates around multiculturalism and the construction of new identities.

In 2009- 2010 a seminar series was launched in collaboration with Area Studies in MAL. Speakers included

Jo Borrill, Dept. of Psychology, on ‘Foreign National Prisoners: experiences of life and causes of deaths’ (December 2009)

Iain Noble, University of Westminster Research and Enterprise Service, on ‘Do you know who I am? Some methodological queries about identity questions’(January 2010)

Forthcoming seminars:

Dina Mehmedbegovic, Institute of Education, research at the London Education Research Unit on questions of social and cultural identities within the education system (March 2010)

Cangbai Wang, Modern Languages (Chinese), on ‘ Border, place and identities in the remaking of expatriate communities in Hong Kong’ (April 2010)

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