In an article for WNOL (Westminster News Online), our students comment on their plans to help the charity Busoga Trust by researching self-sustained water supplement systems and waste disposal.

Busoga Trust, a charity providing water, sanitation and hygiene to rural communities, has constructed more than 2,000 water sources in Uganda since 1983. However, the villagers aren't able to sustain these sources because they don't get enough funding from the government.

This month, our MBA students plan to launch a business model to turn waste into a profitable source of income, covering the expenses needed to repair the watering and sanitation systems.

Dora Panarati, our MA in Multimedia Journalism student, interviewed some of our MBA students to find out more about their plans and expectations for this trip.

According to the students, this journey doesn't have an educational and charitable purpose only. It's also a personal endeavour to overcome their reluctance of stepping out of their Western comfort zone and come across life-changing challenges.

You can listen to the interviews below:

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Read the full article about this initiative on WNOL's website.

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